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WP6. Public Engagement

Cutting across the three years of our project is a public engagement strategy in which we seek to both foster knowledge exchange and maximise possibilities for societal and policy impact from the research carried out in WPs1-5.
WP6 will involve a range of activities, shared primarily through this website as well as through notifications via our project twitter account @EtoshaKunene:


  1. a workshop hosted at the mid-point of the project that brings together researchers in Project 04 ‘Future Conservation’ in CRC 228 “Future Rural Africa”, to maximise possibilities for co-learning by linking DFG-supported research in the Kavango-Zambezi (KAZA) Transfrontier Conservation Area (north-east Namibia) with our research in the similarly scaled-up conservation area of the emerging Kunene Peoples Park;

  2. a mobile public exhibition in year 3 that is both physical and online, combining and juxatposing content from across our research and accompanied by an accessible explanatory booklet (for prototype see Sullivan et al. 2017). This exhibition will build on our prior experience of curating research exhibitions: Dieckmann was a consultant for several exhibitions on Hai||om cultural heritage in ENP and for the permanent San Exhibition in the National Museum of Namibia; Sullivan curated the multimedia research exhibition Future Pasts: Landscape, Memory and Music in West Namibia in the UK (2017), Namibia (2019) and online.

  3. the production of accessible locally printed publications including:

    i. a detailed policy-oriented book developed from the policy chronology and analysis underlying WP1, pursued in and with stakeholders and policy actors through the MET’s Nature Conservation Board;

    ii. a catalogue of selected natural history specimen-artefacts and the contexts of their collection, developed through research in WP5.


  4. production of a professional film and additional moving image film installation(s) to be used in multiple engagement pathways - from broadcast on national TV to installations in our project exhibition - so as reach both new understandings and new audiences.


Sullivan, S., Hannis, M., Impey, A., Low, C. & Rohde, R. 2017 Future Pasts: Landscape, Memory and Music in West Namibia, 1st Edn. Bath: Future Pasts.

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