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Etosha-Kunene Conservation Conversations – a forthcoming project workshop

Updated: May 12, 2022

In Etosha-Kunene Histories we are aiming for various kinds of public engagement throughout the project and are pleased to be organising an online research workshop for 5-6 July 2022, entitled:

Etosha-Kunene Conservation Conversations:

Knowing, Protecting and Being-with Nature, from Etosha Pan to the Skeleton Coast

The workshop will bring together researchers and conservation practitioners with diverse perspectives on environmental and conservation concerns in our wider study area. The workshop aims to provide a platform for a conversation on conservation policies and practices in ‘Etosha-Kunene’, taking historical perspectives and diverse natural and cultural histories into account. We have recently sent out a call for contributions, and envisage an open access edited volume to be one of the main outcomes of the workshop.

The full call is linked here:

Etosha-Kunene Workshop Call for Papers 110522
Download PDF • 530KB

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